• 4 minutes Mueller Report Brings Into Focus Obama's Attempted Coup Against Trump
  • 7 minutes Countries with the most oil and where they're selling it
  • 10 minutes Stack gas analyzers
  • 13 minutes What Would Happen If the World Ran Out of Crude Oil?
  • 17 hours US Military Spends at least $81 Billion Protecting OPEC Persian Gulf Oil Shipping Lanes (16% DoD Budget)
  • 2 hours How many drilling sites are left in the Permian?
  • 17 hours "Undeniable" Shale Slowdown?
  • 12 mins Mueller Report Brings Into Focus Trump's Attempts to Interfere in the Special Counsel Investigation
  • 1 day China To Promote Using Wind Energy To Power Heating
  • 20 hours Overheating the Earth: High Temperatures Shortened Alaska’s Winter Weather
  • 1 day Gas Flaring
  • 41 mins Case against Trans Mountain Begins
  • 1 day Climate Change Protests
  • 8 hours U.S. Refiners Planning Major Plant Overhauls In Second Quarter
  • 16 hours Everything Is Possible: Germany’s Coal Plants May Be Converted to Giant Batteries
  • 9 hours Trudeau Faces a New Foe as Conservatives Retake Power in Alberta
  • 2 days Japan’s Deflation Mindset Could Be Contagious
  • 1 day Tax Credits for Energy Storage

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Guaido Takes Strides To Topple Maduro

Daniel J. Graeber


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Daniel J. Graeber

Daniel Graeber is a writer and political analyst based in Michigan. His work on matters related to the geopolitical aspects of the global energy sector, as well as Iraq and broader Middle East developments, has been featured extensively with United Press International (UPI) as well as foreign media outlets. His academic contributions include an assessment of the U.S. doctrine of containment. He also teaches media literacy courses at Grand Valley State University.

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