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Colin Chilcoat


Contributor since: 23 Oct 2014

Colin Chilcoat

Colin Chilcoat is a specialist in Eurasian energy affairs and political institutions currently living and working in Chicago. A complete collection of his work can be viewed at www.energyeastwest.com.

Latest articles from Colin

  • EU Energy Union May Be Biting Off More Than It Can Chew

    Published 10 February 2015 | viewed 7,580 times

    With oil and gas still flooding the scene it’s a buyer’s market. For some however, picking isn’t easy. For the European Union specifically, an abundance…

  • Obama’s New Budget Does Stricken Oil And Gas Industries No Favors

    Published 03 February 2015 | viewed 8,406 times

    President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget proposal is out; enjoy it while it lasts. The budget proposal features a significant boost in federal spending for green-energy…

  • EU Extends Sanctions As Rosneft Waits For A Bailout

    Published 31 January 2015 | viewed 8,885 times

    Peace talks are dead and the body count is rapidly rising in Ukraine. More than 5,000 have perished since the conflict began and September’s ceasefire…

  • Iran Drops Dollar As Congress Threatens More Sanctions

    Published 27 January 2015 | viewed 17,156 times

    The clock is ticking on the Iranian nuclear deal, but it may all be for naught. A meddling Congress aside, Iran appears to lack faith…

  • Obama Pledges Cleaner Future In State Of The Union

    Published 22 January 2015 | viewed 6,845 times

    In his penultimate State of the Union address – and first before a Republican-dominated Congress – President Barack Obama declared that the US is ready…

  • Expanding Russia Issues Europe An Ultimatum

    Published 20 January 2015 | viewed 24,209 times

    Don’t tell the West, but Vladimir Putin isn’t changing. The Russian President has skipped their little ‘lesson’ on 21st century politics in favor of his…

  • Russia Abandons PetroDollar By Opening Reserve Fund

    Published 15 January 2015 | viewed 36,500 times

    2015 has not been good to Russia; the spread between Brent and WTI is gone in anticipation of US exports and both benchmarks have flirted…

  • China Buying Up Latin American Oil

    Published 12 January 2015 | viewed 24,894 times

    As the world’s number one energy consumer China is enjoying the low prices while they last. Never one to settle however, China is finding still…

  • Does The Oil Market Care Who Sits On Saudi Throne?

    Published 07 January 2015 | viewed 12,701 times

    Not that the market will care, but succession in Saudi Arabia is looming. At 90, King Abdullah has outlived several of his hopeful successors, but…

  • US Sees Huge Energy Opportunity In Europe

    Published 06 January 2015 | viewed 57,288 times

    If 2015 is anything like 2014 we can expect a wild ride. Oil price volatility – including its downward trend – will linger well into…

  • Saudi Arabia Ready For $20, $30, $40 Oil

    Published 24 December 2014 | viewed 31,790 times

    Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell 2 and 3.3 percent respectively to start the week and Saudi Arabia is prepared to go much…

  • Putin: Battered, Bruised But Not Broken

    Published 20 December 2014 | viewed 22,663 times

    In what was perhaps the most anticipated edition of his annual press conference yet, Russian president Vladimir Putin certainly delivered. His increasingly colloquial speech brought…

  • More To Ruble’s Collapse Than Meets The Eye

    Published 17 December 2014 | viewed 35,055 times

    The ruble is dying, and fast. In what is now being dubbed ‘Black Monday’ the ruble’s value to the dollar dropped nearly 15 percent. Tuesday…

  • LNG Export Hopes Fading Fast For US

    Published 16 December 2014 | viewed 30,705 times

    The advent of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has revolutionized the way the commodity is transported and has brought increased parity to traditional pipeline relationships. In…

  • Iraq’s Bright Oil Future Blocked By ISIS

    Published 11 December 2014 | viewed 15,470 times

    Last week’s oil agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) was a milestone event and the market reaction was largely fitting – Brent…

  • US Supreme Court Rejects BP Appeal

    Published 09 December 2014 | viewed 7,013 times

    Four years later, it is clear BP gravely miscalculated the magnitude of their mistake. On Monday, the United States Supreme Court rejected BP’s settlement appeal…

  • As U.S. Reserves Grow, So Does Geopolitical Weight

    Published 06 December 2014 | viewed 9,258 times

    The peak will have to wait – at least in the United States. According to a new report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) US…

  • US Shale Under Pressure From More Than Just Low Prices

    Published 04 December 2014 | viewed 24,189 times

    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has come full circle in Denton, Texas after a controversial ban on the practice entered into effect on Tuesday. Denton is…

  • OPEC Decision Hits Renewables

    Published 03 December 2014 | viewed 13,444 times

    Is a solar supply glut on hand? Not exactly, but oil’s multi-month slide has largely overshadowed the sector’s emergent capacity. Nowhere is that more apparent…

  • Is The Arctic Dream Dead?

    Published 02 December 2014 | viewed 19,394 times

    The Arctic offshore will be drilled; it’s only a matter of time. However, the dream to have commercially viable production in the immediate future may…

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