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Brian Westenhaus

New Energy and Fuel

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the news and views across the emerging field of energy and fuels in our future. You will find the most exciting and useful news, guides and tips for making and saving money in energy and fuel, just how things work or not, where you might want to invest or get involved in a brainstorming session with other readers.

Latest articles from Brian

  • Using Thicker CO2 to Increase Oil Extraction Rates

    Published 18 October 2012 | viewed 9,580 times

    Oil extraction technology marches on. University of Pittsburgh engineers show crude oil extraction could be improved significantly and accessible domestic oil reserves could be expanded…

  • Yet Another Huge Oil Find in the Anadarko Basin

    Published 11 October 2012 | viewed 19,535 times

    Continental Resources Inc. unveiled its newest oil field with a reservoir rock of an oil-rich portion of the Woodford Shale that lies beneath oil fields…

  • Confidence in Nuclear Power is on the Rise Again

    Published 29 September 2012 | viewed 16,724 times

    The Nuclear Energy Institute announced a September telephone survey in a press release suggesting almost two thirds of U.S. adults favor the use of nuclear…

  • What Does the Future Hold for Natural Gas Prices?

    Published 27 September 2012 | viewed 13,743 times

    Asian demand for natural gas has risen sharply in recent years.  Prices in dollars per million BTUs, are about $13.50 in Argentina and $13.80 in…

  • Nuclear Power Plants at Risk from a Tsunami

    Published 26 September 2012 | viewed 5,806 times

    Researchers at the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) of the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium have completed and published their…

  • Update: Cold Fusion Progress in 2012

    Published 05 September 2012 | viewed 20,153 times

    Sterling Allen interviewed Michael McKubre of SRI International, the international research lab in Menlo Park, CA in a one and a half hour talk covering…

  • The Greatest Energy Deposit in the World - Arctic Methane Hydrates

    Published 01 September 2012 | viewed 11,610 times

    A new study out of the University of California Santa Cruz demonstrates that old organic matter in sedimentary basins located beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet…

  • New Technology to Reduce Cost of Solar Energy by 75%?

    Published 29 August 2012 | viewed 31,652 times

    A new solar technology developed at RTI International (Research Triangle Institute) could make solar energy more affordable by as much as 75% and thus speed-up…

  • New Retrofit Kit can Turn Any Car into a Plug-In Hybrid

    Published 19 August 2012 | viewed 27,997 times

    Dr. Charles Perry at Middle Tennessee State University continues driving toward success in the development of the plug-in hybrid retrofit kit for any car.  Dr.…

  • New Microbial Fuel Cell can Produce Electricity from Waste Water

    Published 15 August 2012 | viewed 25,192 times

    Wastewater, more commonly thought of as sewage or gray water is estimated to use 3% of the electrical energy consumed in the United States and…

  • Yet Another Successful LENR Device Enters the Race

    Published 08 August 2012 | viewed 18,431 times

    National Instruments, a major U.S. company that produces tools for engineers and scientists offers an annual ‘NI Week’ trade show, this year at the Austin…

  • Using Microbes to Vastly Increase Recovery from Old Oil Wells

    Published 06 August 2012 | viewed 12,768 times

    The best source of oil would be to increase oil recovery from the existing reservoirs already in production.  That oil is the easy stuff as…

  • Panasonic's New Process for Artificial Photosynthesis Looks Promising

    Published 04 August 2012 | viewed 12,911 times

    Tuesday the web started noticing that Panasonic has developed an artificial photosynthesis system, which converts carbon dioxide (CO2) to organic materials.  A quick review of…

  • A New Way To Fracture Oil and Gas Wells

    Published 31 July 2012 | viewed 27,816 times

    GASFRAC of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has developed an innovative closed stimulation process and injection method, utilizing gelled LPG rather than water based conventional formation fracturing…

  • Secret Fracking Ingredient Discovered

    Published 23 July 2012 | viewed 16,239 times

    The guar bean grown in the northern India state of Rajasthan is now a key element in the chemical cocktail used to frack wells, the…

  • New Transparent Solar Cell to Revolutionize the Solar Sector?

    Published 23 July 2012 | viewed 14,253 times

    In the face of a string of intensely demoralizing federally backed alternative energy projects with Solyndra taking over a half billion dollars alone – solar…

  • Cold Fusion: Progress Report

    Published 09 July 2012 | viewed 27,204 times

    Your humble writer has been watching for the news out of the International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium, ILENRS-12 held at The College of William…

  • What Does the Future Hold for OPEC?

    Published 08 July 2012 | viewed 11,073 times

    We’re coming up on 40 years of OPEC trying to set the price of oil as high as they can manage.  The oil market is…

  • Scientists Make a Big Breakthrough in Nuclear Research

    Published 04 July 2012 | viewed 9,020 times

    Dr. Stephen Liddle in the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham leads a team that seems to be first to create a stable…

  • U.S. & China Collaborate on Thorium Nuclear Power Research

    Published 02 July 2012 | viewed 30,734 times

    Mark Halper writing for SmartPlanet reports the U.S. Department of Energy is quietly collaborating with China on an alternative nuclear power design known as the…

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