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China’s Crude Oil Imports Are Slowing Down

China’s Crude Oil Imports Are Slowing Down

China’s imports of crude oil…

China Not Looking To Ban Gasoline Powered Cars Any Time Soon

China Not Looking To Ban Gasoline Powered Cars Any Time Soon

The world’s largest automotive market,…

AWEA Announces that the US has Over 50 GW of Installed Wind Capacity

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) announced at the annual National Clean Energy Summit that the US now has more than 50GW of installed wind capacity. That is enough to provide electricity to 13 million homes, the equivalent of Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, Alabama, and Connecticut combined.

US wind capacity has doubled since 2008, and this year promises to see the largest amount of installations ever, with over 2.8 GW already added. The surge in new wind capacity this year is mostly due to the fact that developers want to complete projects before  the governments production tax credit (PTC) runs out at the end of the year.

Mitt Romney has increased concern over the future of the vital PTC by claiming that if he is elected president in November, he will not extend the PTC into the next year.

Denise Bode, the AWEA chief executive, admitted that “these truly are the best of times and could be the worst of times for American wind power. This month we shattered the 50-gigawatt mark, and we're on pace for one of our best years ever in terms of megawatts installed. But because of the uncertainty surrounding the extension of the Production Tax Credit, incoming orders are grinding to a halt.”

“Layoffs have begun up and down our American manufacturing supply chain, which the industry has so proudly built up in support of the US economy and made-in-the USA manufacturing. Congress must act now to give wind energy a stable business environment to keep producing all this homegrown power, and save 37,000 American jobs by the first quarter of next year.”

By. Joao Peixe of Oilprice.com

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  • Scottar on August 20 2012 said:
    50 GW that require 24/7 backup for intermittent, diluted and unreliable energy.

    You should look at Obama's poster child for renewable energy- Spain.

    Spain, like Don Qiuixote went chasing wind mills, has become technically bankrupt. In part, subsidies to renewable energies with 8 billion more each year as the subsidies are guaranteed for 20 years, have added to the increased of the country’s sovereign debt by some 30 billion dollars to date. They produce the same amount of electricity as before, but it costs much more.

    Their 18,000 wind turbines haven’t even reduced the consumption of fossil fuels, because of problems caused by their intermittency have stopped the subsidies and had to be bailed out by Germany. Germany is another country which has cut back on the subsidies and are busy building coal plants. They found wind and solar were inefficient and were at the mercy of the Russians for natural gas.

    In England, Chris Huhne, the disgraced energy secretary now departed had an energy plans that was causing energy prices to skyrocket 140% in just 8 years . Fully 25% of the homes in Wales and most pensioners were in energy poverty, having to choose between heating and eating. When the brutal winters of recent years hit, thousands died from illnesses related to cold exposure.

    Higher energy costs is a very regressive ‘tax’ (because it is driven by government policy and bad science) affecting poor and middle class the most. Even where we able to keep the power on (and there would be many brownouts and blackouts), some people would have to dine by candlelight because they can’t afford to pay the electric bills.

    So this hype about green renewable energy replacing fossil or nuclear is just enviro fantasy utopia. It may work in frugal communes but not in mainstream life. It's a sure trip back to medieval living standards. You can't subsidized poor performing projects forever without dire consequences down the road. Only in communist/socialist countries does this kind of model work and only for the ruling socialist planners who self perpetuate their rule.

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