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  • 22 hours How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
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  • 4 days The European Union is exceptional in its political divide. Examples are apparent in Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Netherlands, Belarus, Ireland, etc.

Finance / the Markets

Emergency Japan Earthquake Update: Economic Outlook Now Appears Dire

Mar 14, 2011 at 00:00 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

I just got off the phone with several frightened, somewhat dazed survivors of the Japanese earthquake who work in the financial markets, and I thought it important to immediately pass…

Why You Should Sell Everything in Japan

Mar 13, 2011 at 19:24 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

During my ten years in Japan, I suffered through many earthquakes. One shaker caught me on the 20th floor of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, where the building swayed…

The Bear Market in Treasury Bonds Takes a Breather

Mar 10, 2011 at 20:33 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

I have been a huge bear on the Treasury bond market, saying that you must sell every rally for the next ten years. But markets have to breathe, and nothing…

Are the Equity Markets Headed For a Fall?

Mar 09, 2011 at 23:09 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

On this two year anniversary of the great bull market, one has to ask if it is about to die of old age. Take a look at the chart below…

Libya Crisis Highlights Need for Full Disclosure from Oil and Mining Companies

Mar 09, 2011 at 07:10 | Gloria Gonzalez

The crisis in Libya and its impact on the energy markets shows the importance of oil, gas and mining companies fully disclosing the political, legal and regulatory risks they face,…

Are Junk Bonds Peaking?

Mar 07, 2011 at 20:39 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

There is no happier corner of the fixed income universe, which has been soaring like a bat out of hell for the past two years. Average yields for the bond…

How Long Does the USD Have?

Mar 03, 2011 at 09:38 | Christopher Laird

As the US enters deflation, and gold rockets up, it’s time to ask what happens when the USD loses its haven status. The leading candidates to compete with the USD…

Leaked Pentagon Report Says the 2008 Financial Crisis was Caused by Terrorist Groups

Mar 03, 2011 at 09:10 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

A confidential report from the Pentagon just made public says that the 2008 financial crisis was the result of targeted attacks by terrorists groups. A ramp up of oil prices…

The Death of the Mutual Fund

Mar 01, 2011 at 20:35 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

ETF’s are much more attractive than mutual fund competitors, with their notoriously bloated expenses and spendthrift marketing costs. You can’t miss those glitzy, overproduced, big budget ads on TV for…

Investors Will Win the ETF Price War

Mar 01, 2011 at 20:34 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

Many hedge fund traders are unhappy about the current near monopoly enjoyed by the top three ETF issuers, Black Rock, State Street, and Vanguard, which control 83% of the market.…

The Effects of Rising Global Food Prices

Mar 01, 2011 at 08:05 | RFE/RL staff

Food prices are shooting up to levels last seen back in 2008, when foodstuff inflation hit populations around the world. If present trends continue, though, some consumers might find themselves…

My Take on the Euro

Feb 27, 2011 at 21:50 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

Entering 2011 as the currency that everyone loved to hate, the Euro has staged a dramatic comeback, much to the chagrin of hedge fund managers and traders alike. Since January,…

Free Financial Content for All Websites and Blogs (Free Widgets)

Feb 25, 2011 at 08:19 | Editorial Dept

OilPrice.com has just released 20 Free widgets for Finance, Energy and Commodity related websites and blogs. The tables and charts available cover almost all energy and metal sectors: Gold, Silver,…

How Far Will the Market Fall?

Feb 23, 2011 at 22:24 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

Now that we are solidly in “RISK OFF” mode, traders, managers, and investors are asking how much downside we are looking at. It is safe to say that those who…

4XP Wins World Finance Award for Best Trading Platform in Western Europe for 2011

Feb 21, 2011 at 08:21 | Editorial Dept

Feb 15, 2011, London Stock Exchange – 4XP rises above the competition to win World Finance’s prestigious annual award for most innovative trading platform.This seal of approval from…

A Rest for the Treasury Bond Sell Off

Feb 17, 2011 at 07:58 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

The Great Treasury Bond Sell Off, which has been running now for nearly six months, may be about to take a rest. Take a look at the chart below put…

The Collapse of the Yen: The Big Break is Near

Feb 16, 2011 at 13:26 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

“Oh, how I despise the yen, let me count the ways.” I’m sure Shakespeare would have come up with this line of iambic pentameter if he were a foreign exchange…

U.S. Market’s Remarkable Resilience!

Feb 11, 2011 at 14:10 | Sy Harding

The U.S. stock market’s continuing strength in the face of so many global problems is truly remarkable - and has been correct so far. Meanwhile, the stock markets of three…

Bought out by the Chinese: A Look at Chinese Takeovers

Feb 11, 2011 at 07:44 | David Caploe PhD

A decade ago China urged its companies to expand overseas under the slogan “go out”. Now it is finally happening -- and with great speed. A few years ago two…

The Coming Takeover Wars

Feb 09, 2011 at 07:39 | Mad Hedge Fund Trader

The spate of takeover bids we have witnessed recently, the attempted BHP Billiton (BHP)-Potash (POT) deal, the Sanofi Aventis (SNY)-Genzyme (GENZ) deal, and Intel’s (INTC) acquisition of Infineon Technologies (IFX),…

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