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UK’s New 210 MW Docklands Datacenter Gets the Green Light

London's Royal Docks in Newham is set to house a new data centre, powering the rising demand for artificial intelligence (AI) in the capital.

Ada Infrastructure, the data centre arm of GLP Capital Partners (GCP), has secured planning permission from the Newham Strategic Development Committee to develop a data centre campus in London's Royal Docks, near the Excel centre.

This 210 megawatt Docklands data centre will be one of the largest in the capital, featuring three 70 megawatt buildings and a community multi-purpose facility that will provide job training programmes.

"This new data centre development embodies our commitment to driving positive change through the use of sustainable technology and materials, a robust environmental, health and safety program, and an ongoing investment in the communities in which we work and live," said Jennifer Weitzel, president of Ada Infrastructure.

The approval comes on the heels of Labour's tech manifesto, revealed last week, which includes classifying data centres as nationally significant infrastructure projects. Labour is aiming to address a current shortage and meet the growing demand for cloud computing and AI through planning reforms.

Weitzel added: "In addition to collaborating with local partners to provide job training and employment opportunities, the project's future-ready design, including energy-efficient systems, net positive landscaping, and strict physical and cybersecurity protocols, will set new standards for safe and sustainable development in the age of AI."

The data centre will use energy solutions such as air and liquid cooling systems that do not rely on vast amounts of water, and low-carbon building materials. The campus will also integrate with a district heating system for more efficient energy use.

It has been designed to support large AI applications, meeting the power and cooling demands of increasing AI workloads from businesses in the city.

Robert De Jong, director at the Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability, said: "We are pleased to note the significant public realm improvements that will be of huge benefit to those who live, work and study in the local area, as a result of the new data campus.

"These proposals are highly sustainable, in line with [University of East London's] own values, and have evolved to improve the design and architectural approach, as well as enhancing access to public space," he added.

Plans include improved pathways for pedestrians and cyclists along the Thames River.

Nick Cook, president of GCP Europe, said: "We are delighted to see our vision for a large-scale data centre come to life at Docklands. We will continue to leverage our significant footprint across Europe to support the growth of our data centre and clean energy strategies."

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