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Corporate profile:

Synodon, Inc. (TSX-V: SYD) is the global leader in pipeline leak detection technology and the developer of realSens(tm) advanced airborne remote gas sensing system based on technology developed under the Canadian Space Program and Synodon scientists.

Synodon's technology enables the hydrocarbon industry to enhance decision-making capabilities, improve energy efficiency, safety and reg

ulatory compliance, reduce environmental footprints and corporate liability exposure and assist in asset maintenance planning.

The bottom line is that Synodon's technology-patented in the US, the EU and Canada--is not only affordable, but it saves the industry money and protects it against liability at a time when environmental concerns about pipelines are mounting.

Detecting leaks from the world's 5,000,000 kilometers of pipelines is a $300 million/year market, while the hydrocarbon emissions monitoring market is worth an estimated $1.6 billion annually. In the US, this market is boosted by the fact that almost 50% of the country's pipeline network is over 40 years old and manufactured from unprotected, bare steel prone to corrosion.

Synodon's technology offers an accurate and precise method of oil and gas leak detection. This technology detects small leaks before they become big leaks. Synodon's remote sensing technology, mounted on a helicopter piloted by GPS over a pipeline, measures very small ground level concentrations of escaped gas.

The benefits extend well beyond pipeline leak detection. Synodon's remote sensing technology comes with a basket of services that includes comprehensive data packages of visual images, thermal images and extremely accurate GPS information designed to fast-track industry project planning, construction and regulatory filings.

Investment highlights:

  • Servicing the North American market since 2010
  • Client base includes giants such as Enbridge, Encana and ConocoPhillips
  • 129% YTD revenue growth in leak detection services (Q3 2012)
  • Rapid shareholder growth as world leader in leak detection
  • Rapid company expansion due to increasing demand for leak detection
  • Management team with proven monetization experience
  • Management team with multi-million dollar space technology experience
  • Only supplier providing guaranteed pipeline inspection coverage
  • The best in accuracy of leak location and quantification

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