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    China Plans to Install 10GW of Solar Capacity in 2013

    China has announced that it plans to install at least 10GW of solar capacity this year. That will more than double its current capacity of 7GW.

    It plans to increase its total capacity to 21GW by 2015.

    China's solar market has exploded in recent years. In 1999, China only had 16 megawatts (0.016 GW). Ten years ago in 2003 that number sat at 42MW (0.042GW), while in 2008, Chinese solar capacity grew to 140MW(0.14GW).

    It just goes to show that with the right attitude renewable energy is already at the stage where it can provide large amounts of electricity to the grid.

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    This is the sort of ambitious goal that will help China to reduce its reliance on coal and clean up the air in its cities.