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    ESAIL Moves ONe Step Closer to Reality as 1km Tether is Created

    The idea of using a giant sail which uses the solar winds coming off the sun or other stars to propel space craft may seem like a purely fictional idea, but it is actually a serious one.

    One of the mail problems, and one that many believed impossible to overcome, was the construction of the 1km long tether.

    However, scientists at the University of Helsinki have succeeded in creating a 1-km-long ESAIL tether, featuring 90,000 ultrasonic welds.

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    I assume that the key of the ESAIL is strength and durability at an incredibly low weight.

    I would also have thought that they hardest part to manufacture would be the ESAIL itself, which surely must need to be huge. Anyone know if the ESAIL has already been created, or is that the next big hurdle?