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    Russia and the EU Headed for a Trade War, Only Putin can Stop it

    President Vladimir Putin's summit in Brussels next week may be the last chance to avoid a trade row between Russia and the European Union escalating into a legal battle at the World Trade Organization.

    EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht told reporters in Geneva on Thursday that Russia needed to change its "unacceptable" behaviour.

    "Next week we have a summit meeting with Mr Putin in Brussels but if they do not remedy what they have been - how do I say it? - wrongdoing in recent months we will have to take action. I hope they realise that they have to do something about it and do it quickly," De Gucht said.

    While the EU is upset about Russia's restrictions on livestock, cars and wood, Russia has a problem with EU energy rules that threaten Russian control of a European gas pipeline.

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    So Russia is resticting trade to the EU because EU laws are encroaching on Russia's monopoly of EU gas supplies?

    That seems incredible selfish of Russia, and very spoilt.

    "If I don't get what I want, you can't have what you want" type of mentality.