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    Renewable Energy Needs more Investors like Vinod Khosla

    Vinod Khosla crowed about the clean energy industry last year. Three of the biofuel start-ups in his venture capital portfolio had just gone public, and the stocks had risen considerably after their debuts.

    Since then, Mr. Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures, has watched much of those paper gains evaporate. As the clean energy industry broadly has taken a hit, shares of the biofuel companies Amyris, Gevo and KiOR have slumped 70 percent to 90 percent from their peaks. His stakes, once worth as much as $1.3 billion, are now valued at roughly $378 million.

    Despite the situation, Mr. Khosla seems unwavering in his commitment. He is pouring money into start-ups.

    Since founding his venture capital firm in 2004, Mr. Khosla has become one of the most vocal advocates for clean tech innovation, buying stakes in about 60 industry start-ups.

    The clean tech industry needs more people like Vinod Khosla!

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    It is nice to hear of an altruistic investor. Someone who truly believes in the cause that he is investing in and stays true to that cause no matter the initial losses, all because it is a noble one.

    He truly believes in renewables, and is willing to spend his money trying to develop the sector for the benefit of the world.
    With more investors like Vinod, renewables could develop a lot faster.