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    Is Gazpromís Monopoly on LNG Exports from Russia Under Threat?

    Currently according to Russian legislation, Gazprom is the exclusive exporter of gas. Independent producers are obliged to conclude contracts for export with the gas holding companies.

    "There is a proposal from Novatek, which is under consideration," Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters, when asked about the possibility of providing independent producers with the right to independently supply LNG for export.

    "There is a law and we must act within that law on the export of gas, according to which Gazprom is the sole exporter of gas," Novak said.

    "I think these options are possible in the field of LNG, but the options have to be developed," he said.

    "We have a proposal from Novatek on amendments to the legislation which is being considered," the minister said, adding that only after a full analysis the proposal will be assessed.

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    I think there must have been a misunderstanding here. There is not a chance that Putin, who is putting a lot of effort into bringing the energy industries under the control of central government, would allow any other company to be seriosuly involved in Russia's natural gas industry.