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James Burgess

James Burgess

Contributor since: 12 Jan 2012


James Burgess studied Business Management at the University of Nottingham. He has worked in property development, chartered surveying, marketing, law, and accounts. He has also studied journalism and has written many articles over the years for a wide variety of sources.
James is the Deputy Editor of

Latest articles from James

  • How to Profit from the Growing Trend in Pipeline Safety

    Published 16 September 2014 | viewed 551 times

    As of 2012, the total mileage of interstate natural gas transmission pipelines surpassed 303,000 miles in the United States, and for crude oil and petroleum…

  • Crude Energy Successfully Leading The Way In This Little Known Texas Formation

    Published 05 August 2014 | viewed 2,068 times

    Crude Energy, an independent oil exploration and production company based in Dallas, TX, announced that is nearing completion of a well in Hardeman County, TX.The…

  • Methane Leak Detection Technology Becoming Popular with Oil and Gas Industry

    Published 28 July 2014 | viewed 2,818 times

    The shale gas revolution has been a boon for North America, allowing for cleaner burning natural gas to take on a greater role in the…

  • This Week in Energy: A Busy, Grisly Week

    Published 25 July 2014 | viewed 1,778 times

    With the words “World War Three” being bandied about, it’s tough to decide which story to start with, but with the killing of at least…

  • Crude Energy Targets Prolific Wolfcamp Formation

    Published 22 July 2014 | viewed 2,204 times

    Crude Energy, an independent exploration and production company based in Dallas, TX, seeks to build on its string of successful drilling projects with the announcement…

  • Mexico Shale Gas Industry and Energy Reform

    Published 20 June 2014 | viewed 3,096 times

    The Ministry of Energy in Mexico has estimated a $100 billion in investment is needed over the next 10 years to develop Mexican shale resources. …

  • Crude Energy Leading the Way in the "New Bakken"

    Published 11 June 2014 | viewed 2,529 times

    The tight oil boom in the United States is a well-worn story, and it is difficult to find oil and gas companies that have huge…

  • BG Group Eyes Singapore as New LNG Trading Hub

    Published 08 April 2014 | viewed 2,815 times

    UK-based BG Group is joining in the rush on Singapore as the company moves to relocate its global oil and gas-trading headquarters to the Asia’s…

  • Russia-Iran Oil Swap Deal Gains Momentum

    Published 03 April 2014 | viewed 3,205 times

    Russia and Iran are moving closer to a $20 billion oil-for-goods deal launched earlier this year, according to a Reuters report citing unnamed sources close…

  • Panic as June Deadline Nears for Ethanol Mandate

    Published 03 April 2014 | viewed 2,578 times

    As the June deadline nears for a decision on the ethanol mandate, lobbying picks up momentum in Washington as ethanol struggles in a purgatory somewhere…

  • Total, Lukoil To Drill in ‘Russian Bakken’

    Published 01 April 2014 | viewed 1,918 times

    Russia’s Lukoil and France's Total SA have reportedly signed a memorandum to develop the Bazhenov shale oil fields in western Siberia, according to Russian news…

  • Lithuania Asks US to Expedite Gas Exports

    Published 31 March 2014 | viewed 2,063 times

    Lithuania's energy minister has joined Central European calls for Washington to expedite approval for US natural gas exports to Europe to reduce dependence on Russia.…

  • Canada Approves LNG Exports for Project Hopefuls

    Published 30 March 2014 | viewed 2,708 times

    While liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals proposals are languishing under the measured pace of approval in the United States, Canada is approving licenses in…

  • Hungary’s MOL Gets Ambitious in North Sea

    Published 27 March 2014 | viewed 1,557 times

    Hungarian-based oil and gas company MOL has finalized the $375-million acquisition of 14 offshore oil licenses in the North Sea from German BASF’s Wintershall subsidiary.The…

  • China Eyes Massive Production from First Shale Project

    Published 26 March 2014 | viewed 3,440 times

    China’s Sinopec is planning to develop a production capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year by 2017 at the Fuling shale gas field, making…

  • US Green Lights 7th LNG Export Project

    Published 25 March 2014 | viewed 2,792 times

    The US government on Monday approved a seventh natural gas export project, giving the green light for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Oregon,…

  • Small Oil Companies Eye Huge Prize in Ghana

    Published 24 March 2014 | viewed 2,697 times

    Since the first discovery of the massive Jubilee oilfield in Ghana by a start-up company, the West African playing field has begun to change, and…

  • Koch Industries Ordered to Spend $44M in Refinery Upgrades

    Published 23 March 2014 | viewed 2,307 times

    Koch Industries’ Kansas-based Flint Hills Resources (FHR) will invest $300 million in a Minnesota refinery to improve energy efficiency and clean fuels production, after being…

  • Ghana’s Jubilee Points to Best Offshore Acreage in the World

    Published 21 March 2014 | viewed 2,998 times

    The oil industry hasn’t started off 2014 with a bang. The oil majors – ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP – all posted disappointing fourth…

  • Shell Awards Contracts for Iraq’s Giant Manjoon Oil Field

    Published 20 March 2014 | viewed 2,321 times

    Shell, the operator of Iraq’s giant Manjoon oil field, has contracted engineering company Foster Wheeler to help build new facilities and rehabilitate existing infrastructure to…