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Dan Dicker

Dan Dicker

Contributor since: 10 Jan 2013


Dan Dicker is a 25 year veteran of the New York Mercantile Exchange where he traded crude oil, natural gas, unleaded gasoline and heating oil futures contracts.

Dan is one of the world's leading energy market analysts and has been incredibly successful over the years generating exceptional returns for individual investors, professional traders, and institutions with his unique insights that enable him to find value in exploration & production, refining and other energy sector stocks.

Latest articles from Dan

  • This Large Cap Explorer is Looking Very Attractive

    Published 29 August 2014 | viewed 560 times

    In a recent column, I proposed a ‘super spike’ in oil prices – implying a super opportunity continued to exist in the exploration and production…

  • The Coming Super Spike in Oil Prices

    Published 22 August 2014 | viewed 2,387 times

    In 2005, Goldman Sachs oil analyst Arjun Murti wrote of an oil “super spike”, with prices reaching $200 a barrel.  Murti was amazingly prophetic with…

  • Why Oil Prices That “Should” Be Going Higher Are Going Lower

    Published 15 August 2014 | viewed 2,701 times

    The world has changed.  Even two years ago, with a war going on by proxy between Russia and Ukraine, we'd have seen a ten dollar…

  • Is it Time to Buy the Offshore Drillers?

    Published 08 August 2014 | viewed 1,467 times

    A strong earnings report from Transocean (RIG) has everyone understandably wondering:  Is it finally time to buy the offshore drillers?  I have been exceedingly cautious…

  • Time to Batten Down the hatches

    Published 01 August 2014 | viewed 1,932 times

    The CORRECTION:  We’ve all awaited it and I’ve been loath to call it, but too many factors have rolled in at once and its time…

  • Geopolitics and the Changing Oil Market

    Published 25 July 2014 | viewed 1,947 times

    In the oil markets today there’s a lot to talk about, almost too much.  I have never seen such a disarray of geopolitical influences on…

  • Another Stupid US Energy Policy Decision

    Published 27 June 2014 | viewed 1,903 times

    The recent ruling by the Commerce Department, allowing Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) and Enterprise Product Partners (EPD) to export light ‘condensates’ puts an effective end…

  • Higher Oil Prices Are On The Way

    Published 20 June 2014 | viewed 2,312 times

    For the last week, I had viewed the relative complacency of the oil markets to the latest struggles for control of Iraq as the correct…

  • The Fall of Mosul & Stock Update

    Published 13 June 2014 | viewed 1,665 times

    Two very big stories this week require that I address both briefly.  First, Iraq.While it is incredibly disheartening to see Mosul fall so quickly to…

  • An Obvious Play in Canada’s Torquay region

    Published 06 June 2014 | viewed 1,754 times

    It has been the continued strength of the crude oil market, through the very bearish (and wrong) predictions of most of the major wirehouse analysts…

  • Why You Have to be Long the Domestic E+P’s.

    Published 30 May 2014 | viewed 1,873 times

    The big head fake in energy, the one that has somewhat confused me has been how the fantastic quarterly results from the independent E+P’s has…

  • How to Profit from the Coming Euro Gas Shortage

    Published 23 May 2014 | viewed 1,945 times

    The impact of the massive natural gas deal between Gazprom and the Chinese this week will be felt for years.  It has absolutely shocked me…

  • Midstream Opportunities in the Marcellus

    Published 04 May 2014 | viewed 1,924 times

    I’ve been warning readers about 1st quarter energy results in the Exploration and Production companies – believing that the results would be overhyped and lead…

  • Japan’s Uncertain Energy Future

    Published 11 April 2014 | viewed 2,317 times

    This column is being written later in my day than usual as I was completing a two-part interview with the NHK network, the PBS of…

  • On the Short End of a Slippery Stick

    Published 28 March 2014 | viewed 1,909 times

    There’s little in the energy space that I like right now; major indexes look fairly priced and energy stocks offer even less to get excited…

  • Time to Look North of the Border

    Published 21 March 2014 | viewed 2,103 times

    2014 has been a tough year to find value in energy.  With oil shale still representing the best investment opportunity in the United States but…

  • US Energy Boom vs Russian Energy Influence

    Published 14 March 2014 | viewed 2,187 times

    It is with incredible equanimity that the media has digested the announcement of a 5 million barrel ‘test’ release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on…

  • The Unstoppable Upwards Trend of Energy Prices

    Published 07 March 2014 | viewed 2,256 times

    No one at this point needs another column on the crisis in the Ukraine, the natural gas influence of Russian pipelines on Eastern Europe or…

  • One for the Speculators Amongst You

    Published 24 February 2014 | viewed 2,372 times

    The last several weeks have seen some very strong US crude oil prices, adding strength to my prediction that we'll likely see average prices of…

  • Forget Momentum – 2014 is About Value

    Published 14 February 2014 | viewed 2,217 times

    It’s been a tough winter, and not just because of the weather.  The markets have given us opportunity but it’s been a barbed-wire wrapped one: …