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What the Future Holds for Our Oil Based Economy

By Daniel J. Graeber | Wed, 01 August 2012 13:08 | 0’s geopolitical editor Daniel J. Graeber was a guest on Infowars evening show last night where he discussed the following topics:

• Middle East tensions and their impact on oil prices.
• Why oil prices will remain stable the remainder of this year.
• How the government will most likely respond to oil price rises.
• Why alternatives are taking so long to come on line
• Why oil prices aren’t the hot issue they once were
• Gas prices and the elections
• Tapping Alaska’s vast energy resources
• The potential of shale gas.
• Why Iraq has handicapped itself
• Why Iran blocking the straits is a red herring

You can watch the full interview below:

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Daniel J. Graeber
Position: Senior Analyst

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