• 2 hours WTI At 7-Month High On Supply Optimism, Kurdistan Referendum
  • 9 hours Permian Still Holds 60-70 Billion Barrels Of Recoverable Oil
  • 14 hours Petrobras Creditors Agree To $6.22 Billion Debt Swap
  • 18 hours Cracks Emerge In OPEC-Russia Oil Output Cut Pact
  • 22 hours Iran Calls On OPEC To Sway Libya, Nigeria To Join Cut
  • 23 hours Chevron To Invest $4B In Permian Production
  • 1 day U.S.-Backed Forces Retake Syrian Conoco Gas Plant From ISIS
  • 1 day Iraq Says Shell May Not Quit Majnoon Oilfield
  • 4 days Nigerian Oil Output Below 1.8 Million BPD Quota
  • 4 days Colorado Landfills Contain Radioactive Substances From Oil Sector
  • 4 days Phillips 66 Partners To Buy Phillips 66 Assets In $2.4B Deal
  • 4 days Japan Court Slams Tepco With Fukushima Damages Bill
  • 4 days Oil Spills From Pipeline After Syria Army Retakes Oil Field From ISIS
  • 4 days Total Joins Chevron In Gulf Of Mexico Development
  • 4 days Goldman Chief Urges Riyadh To Get Vision 2030 Going
  • 4 days OPEC Talks End Without Recommendation On Output Cut Extension
  • 4 days Jamaican Refinery Expansion Stalls Due To Venezuela’s Financial Woes
  • 5 days India In Talks to Acquire 20 Percent Of UAE Oilfield
  • 5 days The Real Cause Of Peak Gasoline Demand
  • 5 days Hundreds Of Vertical Oil Wells Damaged By Horizontal Fracking
  • 5 days Oil Exempt In Fresh Sanctions On North Korea
  • 5 days Sudan, South Sudan Sign Deal To Boost Oil Output
  • 5 days Peruvian Villagers Shut Down 50 Oil Wells In Protest
  • 5 days Bay Area Sues Big Oil For Billions
  • 5 days Lukoil Looks To Sell Italian Refinery As Crimea Sanctions Intensify
  • 6 days Kurdistan’s Biggest Source Of Oil Funds
  • 6 days Oil Prices On Track For Largest Q3 Gain Since 2004
  • 6 days Reliance Plans To Boost Capacity Of World’s Biggest Oil Refinery
  • 6 days Saudi Aramco May Unveil Financials In Early 2018
  • 6 days Has The EIA Been Overestimating Oil Production?
  • 6 days Taiwan Cuts Off Fossil Fuels To North Korea
  • 6 days Clash In Oil-Rich South Sudan Region Kills At Least 25
  • 6 days Lebanon Passes Oil Taxation Law Ahead Of First Licensing Auction
  • 7 days India’s Oil Majors To Lift Borrowing To Cover Dividends, Capex
  • 7 days Gulf Keystone Plans Further Oil Output Increase In Kurdistan
  • 7 days Venezuela’s Crisis Deepens As Hurricane Approaches
  • 7 days Tension Rises In Oil-Rich Kurdistan
  • 7 days Petrobras To Issue $2B New Bonds, Exchange Shorter-Term Debt
  • 8 days Kuwait Faces New Oil Leak Near Ras al-Zour
  • 8 days Sonatrach Aims To Reform Algiers Energy Laws
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A Quick Quiz on US Oil Production

As a result of the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) revolution, US oil and natural gas production have been rising for several years. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), US oil production has risen by 27% over the past 5 years.

In reviewing the data for individual states, I came across some interesting trivia. So I decided to put together a little quiz. The data source is the EIA. A table showing the Top 15 states with the highest percentage increases in oil production follows the quiz. Answers are at the end.

1. Which state had the largest percentage increase in oil production over the past 5 years?
a. Texas
b. North Dakota
c. Colorado
d. Oklahoma

2. Which state had the largest volume increase in oil production over the past 5 years?
a. Texas
b. North Dakota
c. Alaska
d. Oklahoma

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3. Which of the following states reported no oil production over the past 5 years?
a. Arizona
b. New York
c. Florida
d. Tennessee

4. Which state had the largest percentage decline in oil production over the past 5 years?
a. Louisiana
b. California
c. Montana
d. Alaska

5. Which of the following states had the highest average oil production over the past 5 years?
a. North Dakota
b. California
c. Louisiana
d. Oklahoma

Here are the Top 15 percentage increases in oil production from 2007 to 2012.

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Oil Production Increases in US States from 2007 to 2012 (Source: Energy Information Administration).

1. North Dakota’s oil production increased by a whopping  435% between 2007 and 2012. Colorado ranked second with an 86% increase over the 5-year period.
2. North Dakota gets the most press due to the oil boom there, but Texas has increased oil production by 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) over the past 5 years, versus 540,000 bpd for North Dakota.
3. Arizona is the only one of these states that reported no oil production over the past 5 years. Production in the other 3 states was modest, but New York, Florida, and Tennessee all reported some oil production in each of the past 5 years.
4. While all 4 of these states saw declines in their oil production over the past 5 years, Alaska’s 27% decline was the largest decline among all 50 states.
5. Although California’s oil production has been declining, it actually averaged a higher level of production than North Dakota, Louisiana, or Oklahoma over the previous 5-year period. California’s 554,000 bpd of average daily production over the past 5 years trailed only Texas’ 1.4 million bpd and Alaska’s 603,000 bpd. However, as of 2012 California had slipped behind North Dakota, but was slightly ahead of Alaska.

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By Robert Rapier

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